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Family And Friend Accommodation Folkestone Checklist

summer holiday in Folkestone Guest House

Are you planning a quick summer holiday somewhere away from the chaotic city life? Though there are several restrictions due to the COVID-19 spread, some places are accessible to give you and your family a much-awaited retreat. Such is Folkestone. You can visit and stay at fully prepared family and friend accommodation Folkestone for a safe holiday.

If you have decided to spend a weekend in Folkestone, you might need to find out an affordable food and lodging option. While you must take proper precaution while travelling during such a hard time, you should also ensure the guest house Folkestone you have booked is following the best practices.

What You Should Ask Before Booking Family Rooms Folkestone?

Booking Family Rooms Folkestone
Booking Family Rooms Folkestone

The very first thing you must make sure that the accommodation offers complimentary hygiene products, like soap, hand wash, and sanitisers.

  • Ask the guest house Folkestone owner if they have a specified section for tea and coffee. How do they provide tea or coffee arrangement that the boarders can enjoy in privacy while relaxing in their rooms? Also, ensure there is fresh drinking water provided.
  • Ensure the room has been scrupulously vacuumed and all hard surfaces wiped clean. Check if the family and friend accommodation Folkestone have a way for enough sunlight and natural wind to keep the ambience clear.
  • Ask guest house staff if all family rooms Folkestone have fresh, clean and properly sanitised pillowcases, bedsheets and blankets.
  • Make sure all adjacent and attached bathrooms are kept clean and fresh. After all, a healthy and fresh ambience is a must for any family and friend accommodation Folkestone, specifically during such a pandemic situation.
  • If you want newspapers or magazines in the room, ask beforehand. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, many places are avoiding newspapers, paper brochures, magazines. If you still want, you can request the guest house Folkestone owner.
  • If you are travelling with your pet, ensure the guest house Folkestone allows pets and they have a proper arrangement for the fur friends.

While welcoming guests in family and friend accommodation Folkestone needs more precautions to limit the spread of the pandemic, you should also be cautious before booking family rooms Folkestone randomly. It is good to look for an established and reputable guest house to rest assured all things are properly taken care of, and you can relax and enjoy the holiday.

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